Work environment at the work site

Our introduction course at the work site gives a good overview over the laws and regulations concerning the work environment. It entails that you will be able to offer an introductory course to all your employees quickly, easily with the help of motivating technology.


The course is made easy to access by the use of mixed text, audio and interactivity.

Course Modules – Work environment at the work site

The course consists of the following:

  • The Law
  • The Regulation
  • The Rules
  • The importance of practicing systematic work
  • Start up of the actual environment work.
  • Leadership in the area.

Course objectives

After having completed the course you will understand what is required to be able to work according to the law. You will also know how one works systematically and how to find you way in the law texts.


The course is done individually over the internet. After having completed and passed the course, you can print out your course certificate.



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