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The Swedish Transport Administration is now raising the competence requirements for all personnel covered by the new contractual requirements TDOK 2018: 0371 as part of the work to increase safety at road work sites and reduce accident rates. The Swedish Transport Administration: "The requirements must lead to the competence and understanding of the road user's needs increasing among the consultants 'and contractors' staff."

Step 1.1 General basic competence is compulsory for anyone who performs work that is affected by or influences road users. This means all staff regardless of role / function, including visitors who are only temporarily staying at a road work site. These are contractual requirements in the Swedish Transport Administration's procurements that will be valid from January 2019. All personnel must hold this basic competence APV step 1.1 regardless of which function you then have to build on, depending on what tasks you should perform eg 1.2,1.3,2.1 and so on.


Step 1.2 includes drivers of road maintenance vehicles, including passenger cars used for planning and design purposes, as well as transport service providers.


Examples of road maintenance and work vehicles that require drivers with competence according to APV 1.2 are:


• Cars used in, for example, planning work

• Service vehicles

• Traffic routing. Engine tools and tractors used in paving works or shafts.

• Vehicles used for transport, trucks.

• The recovery of vehicles is also included in the category of road maintenance work.


The basic requirement for carrying out road maintenance work on vehicles is that the driver has competence about which traffic rules must not be violated and which exceptions to rules that may be made if special caution is observed. Contractors and consultants who carry out work procured by the Swedish Transport Administration are responsible for complying with statutory requirements and the client's requirements when carrying out work. It is the responsibility of each employer, according to the Work Environment Act, that his staff have the necessary and up-to-date expertise. The competence requirements set by the Swedish Transport Administration are contractual requirements where the Swedish Transport Administration is the road manager. This means that the contractor is responsible for ensuring that all staff (including sub-consultants or subcontractors / UE) affected by the contract fulfill the requirements specified in the contract documents. The supplier (the contract holder) is also responsible for ensuring that the work is carried out safely for third parties in accordance with the statutory requirements.


Step 1.3 - Basic competence to perform road work or similar work.


Most planning, design and road works mean that projectors and those who carry out road maintenance work must enter the road surface and road slope. Before entering the area for work, everyone who performs the work should know and follow the agreed risk analysis / work environment plan.


Examples of staff who must have Step 1.3 competence:


• Perform guard work.

• Perform soil works, paving work

• Perform service work in or on site.

• Assistant when installing longitudinal protective device, railings.


UtbildningsKrafts APV web courses correspond to the Swedish Transport Administration's new contractual requirements for staff competence according to the requirements and council documents TDOK 2018: 0371. The course ends with a knowledge test. The course participant receives a course certificate that strengthens Step 1 competence.


Course time:

about 3 hours individually


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Pris inkl moms: 3 000,00 kr


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