BAS-P & BAS-U English version

This web course focuses on the practical application of the Work Environment Act,

The Work Environment Ordinance and the Work Environment Regulations.

As a Construction Work Environment Coordinator, you coordinate the work during the design (BAS-P) or the design (BAS-U) and should be able to prove your competence.


In this training, you get an overview of the regulations, the roles of the construction site and work environment and safety work. You will learn concepts such as work environment plan (AMP), risk assessment, safety patrol, systematic work environment (SAM) and safety culture. After the training, you have the basic knowledge you need in your role as BAS-P and BAS-U.


Parts of the course content

  • Regulations, laws and regulations
  • Roles, coordination and responsibility
  • Accidents, statistics and work environment risks
  • Work environment and safety work
  • Knowledge test / Exam


Course objectives

After completing the course, you should have basic knowledge of your role as BAS-P and BAS-U.



The training is conducted online. After passing the knowledge test, you will receive your course certificate, which is valid for 5 years of work in Sweden. You get access to the online course immediately after booking.


Course time

6 hours


Pris: 3 400,00 kr

Pris inkl moms: 4 250,00 kr


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