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The Swedish Transport Administration is now raising the competence requirements for all staff covered by the new contractual requirements TDOK 2018: 0371 as part of the work to increase safety at road workplaces and reduce accident rates. The Swedish Transport Administration: ”The requirements must lead to the competence and understanding of the road user's needs increasing among the consultants and contractors' staff."

APV 1.1 General basic competence is compulsory for anyone who performs work that is affected by or affects road users. This means all staff regardless of role / function, including visitors who are only temporarily staying at a road work site. These are contractual requirements in the Swedish Transport Administration's procurements which will be valid from January 2019 all staff must hold this basic competence APV step 1.1 regardless of which function you then have to build on depending on what tasks you should perform eg 1.2,1.3,2.1 and so on.


Staff who only go after a road or cross it in accordance with the provisions of the TrF, by definition do not perform work, but should nevertheless possess the lowest competence step 1: 1 according to the Swedish Transport Administration. Work also refers to, for example, taking notes, photographing, discussing actions, etc. People who do not count towards those who are directly affected by passing vehicle traffic,

but which should still hold the lowest level of competence step 1: 1 is, for example:


* Rock work in tunnels or at a safe distance from vehicle traffic.

* Fitters in tunnels that are completely shut off from passing vehicle traffic,

* Bridge workers, (reinforcers, concrete workers)

* Those who are temporarily staying at the workplace.


The Swedish Transport Administration demands that your competence should be substantiated primarily by presenting course certificates and that your competence is also maintained continuously through repetition training for Work on the road in procured activities - Construction and Design Services.


When demands are made on competence according to APV steps 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 for a certain task or role, both you personally and the employer (contracted supplier) must be able to present a personal competence certificate at a workplace inspection by the Swedish Transport Administration or the Work Environment Authority.


Course time about 1 hour


UtbildningsKraft APV web courses correspond to the Swedish Transport Administration's new contractual requirements for personnel competence according to the requirements and council documents TDOK 2018: 0371.


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